Friday, February 6, 2015

Les Bassacs

les bassacs (100cm x 100cm oil on canvas)
This painting is a fabrication - it's made up of a few different sources (principally drawings of the buildings here in Les Bassacs) combined with some colour studies that I had been doing in the studio, exploring the relationships between groups of colours, plus whatever was in my head when I started it.  It's also the offspring of another painting that isn't yet completed.  As sometimes happens, I had started one painting that had elements that I liked, but I didn't know where to go with it.  My solution is often to start another painting to try and resolve the issue of where to go - this is one of those paintings.  Now I will go back to the original and use what I have learned from this one, and so it goes on.  Many of my paintings are interconnected in this way.  As Sol Lewitt said, "the idea becomes the machine that makes the art".


  1. Interesting,I love the way you try so many different approaches.

  2. Love the color combination...and the familiar bldg.