Wednesday, June 11, 2014

late evening paintings

late evening woods (100cm x 80cm oil on linen) David Atkinson 2014

Heading towards the summer solstice the days are long and the evening light very beautiful.  I have been working on a few larger paintings, just working for the last 45 minutes of daylight each evening.  As the light dies you begin to become aware of different things - some colours start to float and the filigree of lighter branches begin to appear as the interior of the woods darken.  None of them are finished yet, and I will continue going back and layering up the paint until I think they are finished (or I move on to something else).


  1. love the red underpainting peeking through the trees,....your signature in most ptngs.
    marj lightle

    1. Hi Marj - on larger paintings I don't work on a colored ground, but in this case I did the underpainting in red, knowing that I would end up with green/greys over the top and hoping they would work against each other. Might disappear as I work through the painting...