Sunday, June 23, 2013

farmhouse near st saturnin

farmhouse near st saturnin (oil on linen 60cm x 40cm) David Atkinson

This is a ruined farmhouse that I have painted, drawn and made etchings of over the last few years.  This painting I really struggled with.  It's a bit bigger than I have been working on lately, and it just died as I painted it.  I reworked it several times, introducing random elements to disrupt the surface and keep me interested.  As a result, it has ended up with a lot of paint on the canvas!


  1. thanks, David. i always enjoy your work. the farmhouse is intriguing and i like your subdued colors and brush strokes. ...marj lightle

  2. Like it,keep going .perhaps will be able to see it when we come in August.

  3. Thanks for your comments - it's a place I keep going back to, so I think there will be more!