Tuesday, July 17, 2012

evening painting at Lacoste

Lacoste,  evening I  (25x32cm, oil on wood)
Lacoste, evening II (25x32cm oil on wood)
Lacoste, evening III (oil on wood 25x32)

I made these three paintings over the course of an evening in Lacoste, just behind the Marquis de Sade's chateau.   On the first one I was able to work quite slowly because the light didn't seem to be changing very much.  As the sun goes down the light moves very quickly, and I could see the shadows travelling across the ground as I worked.  The warm light on the greens makes them start to glow, and things become defined that were invisible a few minutes earlier.  It's difficult to get anything down quick enough in a convincing way.  The third one took about 20 minutes, but sometimes it's good to paint faster than you can think.

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